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“When we created the company in 2006, we defined the three main tenets of TrendMarkets: trust, quality, reliability. And this became the basis of everything that we did in the following years. We simply put the interests of traders at the forefront, thanks to which we have earned the love and trust of thousands of clients, many of them with us from the very beginning, and this motivates us to work even harder. "

About company

TrendMarkets is an international broker providing services for trading and investing in financial markets since 2006.


We are a member of the international independent financial commission Finkom to protect the interests of traders, we use the Escrow Serenity blockchain technology to protect traders' funds from misuse.

TrandMarkets - market stability

TrendMarkets is the owner of 18 awards from the professional community, including the title of Best UST Broker 2011, Best Broker 2017, Best Technologies for Trading 2019.

How do you make money with TrandMarkets?

The company offers two models of work: active trading and portfolio trading.

Clients have access to an efficient set of assets and functions. The key benefits of the Beginner, Starter, Premium, Advanced, Professional and VIP accounts are:

  • Safe investment methods
  • Fast withdrawal of funds without commissions
  • Free training materials and market analysis
  • Large selection of financial instruments for trading
  • Broker leverage 1: 100
  • An advanced trading platform available on Windows, Android and Apple

Investment Opportunities in TrandMarkets

Investment services are presented in the form of the Utip copy-trading platform and investment portfolios. Investors appreciate the Utip platform for its easy investment and lack of the need to delve into trading. Investment portfolios are a product of the TrendMarkets analytical department. They are created on the basis of analysis of a large pool of economic data and the political situation in the world. As a result, balanced portfolios with attractive returns are formed.

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Thanks to a wide range of trading instruments and favorable conditions, the company TrandMarkets has become an indispensable assistant in making a profit for millions of clients around the world. Make your choice in favor of a reliable broker!

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